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Small Party Pack - makes 20 lipsticks

$149.00 USD

Imagine the surprise on your guests faces when they learn they will be making their own natural lipsticks.  Creates the perfect party favor. 

Our Party Packs have everything you need to make and customize your own natural lipsticks in minutes! 

Perfect for bachelorette parties, baby showers and birthdays. Or simply to just have fun with friends!

The Small Party Pack makes up to 20 lipsticks and includes:

  • 5 professional lipstick molds (each mold will make 3 lipsticks at a time)
  • 20 turquoise empty lipstick tubes
  • 100% natural lipstick wax base to make 20 lipsticks
  • three liquid colors (red, purple and white)
  • three powdered mica colors (pink, coral and gold)
  • 5 re-usable silicone mixing bowls
  • scoops and spatulas
  • instruction card with color recipes

How does it work?

Melt the natural lipstick base in the mixing bowl and stir in the colors of your choice. Pour into the lipstick mold and let harden. Insert into the lipstick tube. Watch our how-to video for complete instructions.

How much does this work out to per person?

Based on 20 people, the cost per person is just under $5.


Get your pack now for the perfect party!


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