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Lipstick Rescue Kit - mold and mixing tools

$29.99 USD

Think you are done with your lipstick? Think again! There is about a third stuck in the tube.

With our Lipstick Rescue Kit you can transform your collection of lipstick ends into new perfectly formed lipstick bullets with no mess. Create new colors. Or create a full lipstick if you have left over tubes of the same shade. Get the most bang for your lipstick buck!

What's included in the Lipstick Rescue Kit?

  • lipstick mold
  • silicone melter bowl
  • spatula

How does it work?

With the spatula, scoop out the mains of lipstick in the bottom of your lipstick tube. Melt in the silicone melter bowl just until liquefied. Pour the mixture into the lipstick mold and let harden in the freezer for 30 minutes. Remove with your lipstick tube.

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