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Find your celebrity twin to find your perfect lipstick color

Find your celebrity twin to find your perfect lipstick color

I once paid over $300 to have my colors “done”. It was some of the best money I spent because I found out for sure what looked best on me. Never again did I waste money on the wrong lip stick color. But there is an easier and free way to find your best colors, including your perfect lipstick shade.

How? Finding your celebrity twin. Why? Because celebrities have talented make-up artists who are paid big bucks to make movie stars look perfect. They assess their skin tone, complexion, and overall coloring. Plus celebrities have probably tested out every single color!

My celebrity twin is Jennifer Lopez. I don’t have her features, but I do have the same lighter olive coloring. Jennifer looks great in warm peaches, nudes, and burgundy lips. So I copy her. Now I never make the mistake of buying the classic red lipstick with blue undertones. If I did, I would look washed out and tired.

Getting the perfect lipstick color is now a no-brainer.  If I do want a red lip, I make a warmer red hue from the OMG Lipstick kit. I mix in the coral and yellow micas to the red mixture to warm it up.

Who is your celebrity twin? And what is your perfect shade?  Here is a simple chart to get you started:

Winter: think Jennifer Connelly, Courtenay Cox and Katy Perry.

Spring: think Emma Stone, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston

Summer: think Jessica Biel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reece Witherspoon

Autumn: think Lindsey Lohan, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba


Check out their best looks to find the best shade for you!

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