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How to make lipstick **GOLD**

How to make lipstick **GOLD**

I have had many requests to write a post about how to make that yellow gold lipstick from our OMG Lipstick Kit.

It is soooo easy to make. See the directions below!

The best part of this lipstick is that you can use it alone on your lips as a sheer gold. Or you can layer it on top of other lipsticks to add some sparkle, shine, and depth. Or use it as a natural highlighter on your cheek or brown bones!

I love how bright and yellow this gold is. The reason we chose this particular mica powder for the kit is that the color is much stronger than what you would find with a regular gold mica. This one was simply the best.

Here is the recipe for our Going for the Gold lipstick color:

  • 1 teaspoon of our natural lipstick base
  • 6 scoops of our Gold mica powder

Directions: with a cotton tip scoop the natural lipstick base into the silicone bowl and melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds. You may need less time, or you may need more depending on the strength of your microwave.

Carefully remove from the microwave. Scoop in 6 level scoops of the yellow mica powder in the liquid mixture. Stir with the spatula until the mixture is smooth. Pour into the lipstick mold and let set in the freezer for 20 minutes. Remove with the lipstick tube.  



Now, what if you want super gold lips, like on our model here? It's almost impossible to find a lipstick that will get your lips this gold on it's own.



But there is an easy trick! Apply your gold lipstick in several layers. Dip a lip brush into the gold mica powder and carefully dab onto your lips until you get the desired effect. To get the mica to stick you may need to apply more lipstick or a very sticky gloss. 



 So how do you "wear" gold lipstick?

- Gold looks great with a tan. Brush on a matte bronzer rather than a shimmery bronzer as you will have too much competing shine. 

-Use neutral shades on your eyes such as taupes and creams. You don't want anything competing with your lips. Again, it's best not to use eyeshadows that are too shimmery as they will compete with the shimmer of your lips. 

Let us know how your gold lipstick works out! We would love to see some photos.

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