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Lipstick on a Dragon: Craft Lipstick's Audition for Dragon's Den

Lipstick on a Dragon: Craft Lipstick's Audition for Dragon's Den

Yes, that is right! We auditioned for CBC's Dragon's Den! What a nerve-wracking experience. So how did this audition happen? And most importantly, what happened???


It's all started when a message pops up on my Facebook page. A woman introduces herself as Kerry, a producer with Dragon’s Den. She thinks our DIY Lipstick Kit is very cool. And she is obsessed with lipstick. Would we considering auditioning for the show?




I looked up the audition schedule for Vancouver. There was an audition in 5 days. Not a lot of time to prepare. But I know my product inside and out, and I am a pretty good presenter. So what was to lose? Nothing, except the terrible gut-wrenching regret if I didn’t do this. We hadn’t launched our company Craft Lipstick yet so I knew this was going to be a long shot of getting on the actual TV show.


The audition was held in a banquet room at a hotel in downtown Vancouver. I purposely arrive later in the afternoon as I guessed that the majority of people might show up early in the morning to audition. The hotel receptionist points me in the direction of the banquet room. By the elevators I see two guys in their 20s dressed as chefs. They look pretty nervous as they go over their script. Suddenly I feel nervous seeing other people practicing. Maybe I should have practiced more.


I take the elevator downstairs to the banquet room. Before I head in, I stop to change into high heels. Somehow the idea of presenting in heels makes me feel more confident.


There is a sign-in table with two girls who take my details and tell me I will present right away. Yikes. Was not expecting to go on so soon. I observe the room. There were only two other groups of auditioners. I had assumed right. Most people had come in the morning.  


I hear a squeal from the front of the room. It’s Kerry, the producer who had contacted me on Facebook. She is rushing towards me, arms flung out. “It’s you!” she cries. We embrace as if old friends. I like her immediately. 


Kerry tells me I am going to pitch to her and another producer, exactly as I would as if I were on the show.

I set up the lipstick kit on the table in front of them. They say to take my time, but my hands are shaking because they are sitting there watching me as I set up. 


Finally I begin my pitch. My nerves calm down as I get into the flow of my speech. Kerry and the other producer ask a ton of questions. It is very similar to what is asked on the actual show. 


Finally after what seemed like an hour (I think it was 15 minutes), the audition ends. Kerry tells me that if I am picked to be on the actual show, I would be contacted in 2 weeks. 

As I leave, I see the two chef guys begin their pitch. At least I wasn't the only one looking nervous :)

I don't really have any clue what to expect from this. I have my fingers crossed. 

Stay tuned to find out more.


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