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Interview with our French cover model Severine

Interview with our French cover model Severine

When I was 17 I went to France for the first time. I was in awe of the French women, their style and their nonchalance. And they were wearing scarves. In July. I immediately bought a beautiful cream and blue scarf and wore it constantly. I felt so French.

It didn’t surprise me when I met a stunning woman in Vancouver who had amazing skin, hair and poise and discovered she was French. Ok, so I didn’t just meet her. I ran after her on the street because I wanted her to model for us here at Craft Lipstick. Her name is Severine. And she is a beauty DIYer too! Not only did she do a photo shoot with us, she also gave us an interview about why the French looks so damn great all the time, Italian make-up, and why she puts turmeric in her foundation. Check out the photos and interview below.

Dawne (D): So, Severine, you are from France?

Severine (S): Oui (she actually answered “Yes” in English, but I added “Oui” here for a little je ne sais quoi….)

D: Did you know that North American people are totally intrigued with French style?

Severine raises her eyebrows and looks a bit surprised.

D: When you came to Vancouver, what was the biggest fashion difference you noticed?

S: I was so surprised by the colorful rain gear. You see bright yellows, pinks, oranges. Everything. In Paris we wear very neutral colors, with sometimes a touch of color. Also, in Vancouver the winter wear is very functional.

D: You mean it looks like we are going for a hike in the mountains, when actually we are heading to work downtown?

S: Um, yes.

We both laugh.

D: So what else about style in Paris?

S: Well, I find women try to keep it as comfortable as possible, while still looking feminine. So we wear a lot of flats. And if dressier heels are needed, we tend to wear wedges.

D: What about make-up?

S: It’s pretty natural in France. There is way more selection of brands there. In Vancouver I find that there are a lot of cheap brand and a lot of high-end brands. But not a lot in the middle.

D: What are some of your favourite brands?

S: In Europe, it is Kiko. It’s Italian and it's the best. I haven’t seen it here in Vancouver. I also really like NYX and E.L.F.

D: Your skin in flawless. Tell me about it.

S: I have a hard time finding the right foundation. I have about 5 kinds I mix together. I actually get my perfect color by mixing in tumeric.

D: Tumeric? Is that what they do in France?

Severine laughs.

S: No, that’s what I do. One time I had a foundation that was not quite right, so I just looked around my kitchen. Turmeric has such a great color. It just worked.

D: So you are into DIY?

S: Yes! I am! I really don’t like all the chemicals in products. I to to keep the ingredients as natural as possible and I make most of my skin care. I use pure oils on my face. Just this week I had dry skin around my mouth, so I used almond oil and it cleared it up right away.

D: What appeals to you about making your own lipsticks?

S: I love that you know what ingredients are going into it. Being able to make the color you want is important because it costs a lot of money to buy full lipsticks all the time. And they are never the right color. The Rescue Kit with the lipstick mold is great because I can melt down my old lipsticks and make new colors.

D: Severine, one last very important question.

S: Oui?

D: What is the dating scene like in North America compared to France?

Severine laughs

S: Well, I noticed that in Vancouver, people seem to take their time to see if they like the other person. In France, people get into relationships very quickly. It’s good here, I like it.

A big thanks to Severine for modelling for us and taking the time out to chat about lipsticks, life, and love. Follow her @severine_p






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