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How to make lipstick!

How to make lipstick!

Yes you read correctly. You can create your own natural  lipstick. At home. 
How? It's easy. In the recipe below, we are making a bright red. 

1. With a Q-tip coat the inside of your lipstick mold with olive oil. This will help release the lipstick bullet in the final step.

2. Melt down 1 tsp of an uncolored lipstick mixture, like our lipstick base from our OMG Lipstick Kit. Melt in the microwave for 30 seconds in the silicone bowl from our kit. Or if you have made your own lipstick base, melt in a double boiler. 
3. Stir in your chosen micas or liquid colors. In this recipe we have mixed 3 scoops red liquid, 2 scoops coral mica and 2 scoops gold mica. Stir well to remove any clumps. If you purchased our kit, you can choose from pink, coral, and gold micas and red, purple, and white liquids. The liquid colors are much more concentrated.

4. Press down on the top of the mold and pour the mixture into one cavity. Make sure you fill to the top. Continue pressing down on the mold for 20 seconds to avoid any leaks or spills. 

5. Chill the lipstick mold in the freezer for 15 minutes. Remove and scrape off any lipstick mixture that may have spilt over. Carefully lift off the top of the mold. You may need to rock it gently.

6.  Twist up the bottom of the lipstick tube counter-clockwise as far as it goes. 

7. Gently push the tube down on the lipstick bullet that is sticking out of the mold. Carefully lift the bullet out. 

And there you have it! A customized lipstick in minutes. 

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