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How to find your perfect Nude

How to find your perfect Nude

It's like your little black dress, ballet flats, and trench coat. Nude lipstick is a staple. Yet so many wear it wrong or don’t have any idea how to choose the right shade. There are some simple tricks to find your perfect nude. I ended up making my own nude lipstick at home because I couldn’t find the shade I wanted in stores. I have fair skin with warm undertones, so I created my lipstick with pink, red, white and a touch of yellow to warm it up.

Whenever I am in a hurry getting ready, my nude lipstick is always on hand to add the finishing touch to my look. It’s basically my lips, but better.

So how can you find your perfect nude? Follow these rules to get started.

Rule #1: Don’t match your nude to your skin color exactly. Your lips will literally “disappear” which will look very strange, unless you want to look like a ghost at Halloween. Nude is NOT literally nude. Which brings us to Rule #2…

Rule# 2: Nude lipstick should look like your natural lips, just better. Generally you want to choose a shade or two darker or lighter, or a color that is just a bit richer than your natural lip color. Which brings us to Rule #3…

Rule #3: Your nude should match to your skin tone. Not sure what is your skin tone? If you find you wear and look better in silver jewelry, you have cool undertones. If gold makes you pop, then you have warm undertones. Cool tones look great in classic pinks and purple undertones. Warm skin tones look great in peach, beige and raisins. 

Rule #4: Your nude should complement your completion. Do you have light skin? Go a shade lighter or a shade darker than your natural lip color. Medium skin? Lucky you. You can go with pretty much any nude, just not the exact same color as your skin. Dark skin? Don’t go too light. You would look great in light raisins and mauves.

Rule #5: Your nude should be seasonal. I usually switch up my nudes depending on the season. In the summer as my skin gets more tanned, I wear a nude that is a bit lighter than my natural lip color. This really sets off my tan. In the winter, I wear a shade slightly darker than my natural lips. It just seems to make me look healthier.

Just remember: nude should not be nude. Nude should be your lips, just made that bit better. Get people thinking that maybe you really were born with it.

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