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5 things about your lipstick cosmetic giants don’t want you to know

5 things about your lipstick cosmetic giants don’t want you to know

You probably wear it everyday. It can take you from sad to happy in seconds. It can instantly make you look awake and fresh. Yes, it’s lipstick we are talking about!

But not all lipsticks are created equal. I was astonished to learn what was in the average lipstick. So I started to make my own lipstick at home. It’s more natural, cost effective and I can customize shades.

Not convinced? Read on about what cosmetic giants don’t want you to know about processed lipsticks.

  • They may have beetles in it. Yes, beetles. The cochineal insect is known for giving lipsticks and other cosmetics their bright pinky red color.
  • Plastic is a common ingredient. If you see Polyethylene Terephthalate listed on the label, then your lipstick has plastic in it.
  • Lipsticks are relatively inexpensive to make. Yet many command a price of $30 or more.
  • There is about a third of your lipstick stuck in the tube. Most people are throwing away a lot of lipstick without knowing it!
  • You eat about 4 pounds of lipstick in your lifetime. If you use regular lipsticks, that’s a lot of questionable ingredients you are ingesting.

A much safer alternative is to use natural lipsticks or make your own at home. Because you are certainly worth it.

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